Anesthetic eye drops are applied to numb the eye and prevent discomfort.

Corneal incisions

Incisions are created in the cornea to provide access to the lens capsule and allow insertion of surgical instruments.


A circular incision is made on the surface of the capsule that houses the lens.

Break up and removal of the lens

The most popular method is phacoemulsification, which uses ultrasound energy to break the lens into tiny fragments that are gently sucked out of the eye.

Irrigation and aspiration

After the bulk of the cataract is removed, small remnants of cataract material are aspirated out of the eye

Insertion of the intraocular lens

The IOL is folded and carefully inserted into the capsule where it gently opens and settles into its functional position.

Finalizing the procedure

The incision is sealed and antibiotic eye drops are applied, if necessary.